Written Evidence

If you wish to know what the tainted tongues have to say about my charms and enchantments, fear no more. Here is a selection of the best compliments I’ve gotten from my victims.

I mean, suitors.

I never thought a body as old as I mine would withstand the amount of pain that Mistress put me through. She made me reach limits I had never reached before, and was the best birthday present I could ever give myself.

Mr. A

I have known Salem for quite some time and I must say that I cherish every day ever since. I was attracted by Her aura like a moth to a flame. It was Her personality that definitely hooked me. She is a Domme that doesn’t need to incur in an overtly rude and demeaning façade. She exudes Dominance. And trust me when I tell you that submission will feel as natural as breathing. Salem is well versed in a myriad of techniques and disciplines so You just have to ask. But do not believe for one second that you can do some top from the bottom. She is in charge. I ought to say that She has helped me to be more diligent in my personal life. She is nourishing and caring every bit as She is severe when needed. So, what are you waiting for?

Gracias Diosa.


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