The experience

You’ve heard of the Girlfriend Experience:

Intimate, sexy, interesting, organic, enticing.

Well, let me show you what happens when you drop me in that particular cauldron.

let's get wicked

We can wine and dine, we can explore museums and then each other… But let me put my particular spin on it. As a cynical and educated young woman, I am more than willing to make any experience a particularly spicy one – and not only between the sheets.

Are you into BDSM? Kink? Fetishes? Ritualistic explorations? An intimate, raw, sexual connection?

Then you’ve come to the right place. I am the London Mistress that will make you fall under a dark enchantment… let’s create a spell neither of us will soon forget.


dare to experienceIn our date, be it short and sweet or long and relentless, we will explore our sexuality together. I aim to connect with you on a sexual as well as an emotional level.

I own several toys, and if you’re interested in deeper explorations and exploits, my strap-on and shibari ropes are always eager for some action.

I prefer longer dates, as they allow me to cast an even deeper spell around you, but I understand that not everyone is up for that. A short encounter is always fun, and I delight in quickly seducing my… prey.

I will never engage in unprotected activities, and Greek is not really up my alley. And remember… I always come on top.

Rhyme Up to 1h

Short and fiery, will hardly be enough, and will leave your knees shaking.


Spell Up to 2h

Brief, yet intense. Spend the rest of your day thinking of our tryst.


Romance Up to 3h

The best choice for first encounters. At least one hour will be spent nurturing our ravished bodies.


Rite Up to 6h

How better to spend your free day? I demand two lunch breaks, like a true gourmand.


Night Away Up to 12h

A night to remember. Let’s salute the moon and the stars and behave mischievously. I will be sleeping for at least 7 hours. You can stay in bed with me, however.


Vampire by Day Up to 12h

How about we conquer the city? Enjoy the full Witchfriend Experience and accompany me while you pay witness to my wicked arts and unusual entertainment tastes.



the inquisitor is hereI’d put a spell on you… but you’re already mine. You are looking for firm direction and delightful allure, and you can’t wait to submit your will to mine. I’m witchcraft with an accent and painful seduction intertwined with a wicked laugh and curves to die for, which is more than you’ll ever be able to handle and exactly what you’ve been craving.

Wax play, corporal punishment, intense discipline, incredible mindfucks and a hint of hypnosis are some of my favourite practices. Oh, and let’s not forget about bondage and shibari either. I’m always happy to try new toys and experiment with newer abilities, like violet wands or medical devices.

Trust me. You’ll love the Spanish Inquisition.

Aspiramen Up to 2h

Need to be swiftly punished and promptly shown where you belong? Short, but alas, not too sweet.


Confessio Up to 3h

Willing to share a detailed account of your latest sins? I'll take you through confession, punishment, and finally, enlightenment.


Malleus Malle ficarum Up to 6h

Are you ready for your exorcism? You will dine me, wine me, (try and) seduce me, and ultimately, I will make you pay for it all very, very dearly.



fly me to the moonI make an excellent kinky (top) parcel to be shipped anywhere. A brilliant tour guide, never too tired to walk through another museum or dance another dance… and definitely very happy to have breakfast naked, as long as you’re the one bringing it to bed.

Let us waltz through Europe, seducing each other and discovering the best experiences that life has to offer. A music festival? A haute-couture show? Vienna’s New Year Concert? A short escapade to the glaciers of Iceland? A weekend in a cabin in Scotland? Rituals by the sea in the Hebrids? I am an extremely adventurous travel companion, and always happy to explore nature or human-built wonders.

Happy to travel via plane, train, or even horseback if given enough time (and horse-feeding, that is).

*Shipping & Handling Fees not included in any packages

Quick Escapade Up to 24h

Need someone special to exploit that lazy day in the middle of your work trip? Worry not, I'll exploit you alright.


Double Toil Up to 48h

Let's discover our surroundings, and each other, in this slightly extended experience. Ideal if you want me to seduce you through museums, experiences and shops.


Even more... 3+ days

If you'd like to take me on a longer trip, feel free to summon me via my web-form with a succulent destination, and I will respond in a timely fashion.


Long Term Arrangements

dream a little dreamHave you been pondering what it would be like if I were a more… permanent part of your life? Perhaps you would like to bring our trysts and flings to the next level? Or maybe you just need a Dominant presence around more often?

This is not a one-size-fits-all type of arrangement. I will only offer you this opportunity if I consider you not only worthy of my presence but actually someone who adds to my life. This is not an «exclusive» arrangement either: I wasn’t born to be put on a leash.  This is a unique opportunity not only to enjoy my company more often but to be part of my life – it won’t come cheap, it won’t come easy, but whenever did that matter when you could sit next to a queen and enjoy her banquet?

If we’ve already seen each other a couple of times, at least, and you feel the chemistry is right, you might email enquiring about this option. If you email about this without having made the investment to meet me in person first, I will laugh in your face.

The Affair Monthly

You'll be allowed to chat with me whenever you want (and I'm going to respond whenever I feel like, pet.)

Starting at 750£

The Dream Monthly

You're entitled to one weekly in-person date (at least two hours social time and one hour private time) and as many online communications as our hearts desire. Flowers, gifts, actual dinner and trips to the lingerie store not included.

Starting at 2500£

Summon me

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