Summon me

Wondering how to get me in your bed (and in your life)? Want me to think of you sometime? Fair enough. Here you have some instructions and a very handy booking form.

Booking Instructions

1.- Read my site. Thoroughly. Think long (and hard) about what the ideal experience with me would look like to you.

2.- Send me the booking form below properly filled out. This is your moment in the sun, Galavant – impress me with your manners. Have a clear date duration in mind, and allow me a couple of different dates so I can make it fit in my schedule.

3.- I will request a deposit (50£) be sent via Gift Card. This deposit is non-refundable, but if you cancel 24h before the date, can be transferred to a future date (no more than 6 months from now). If you have references, do send them.

4.- We will confirm the date and place. I only do outcalls and dungeon-calls. The dungeon fee is included in the BDSM package. At this point, we will also discuss any particulars, like your hard limits or the restaurant that you will be taking me to.

5.- 24h before the date I will send you a confirmation message. Do reply, or you will miss me.

6.- Bring the rest of the payment in an envelope, and leave it somewhere visible. If we’re meeting outside, you’ll hand it to me inside of a book that you think I will enjoy.

7.-Enjoy our date! Well done.

FMTY Considerations

1.- You will have to pay for any means of transportation as well as for the accommodation.

2.- I prefer trains in general but will take planes when necessary, as a means of transport. If the journey is 3h+ long, you will have to pay for first-class tickets. If not, you will still have to pay for premium boarding.

3.- Minimum date length is 3h for Europe and 6h anywhere else.

4.- When I request the deposit, you should also send enough to cover the means of transportation, as I will purchase them myself.

Spoiling Suggestions

1.- Join my Inner Circle (my Newsletter) so you can stay up to date with all my mischief

2.- Send me an gift card if you’ve been thinking of me lately.

3.- Send me a GiftCard for any of the businesses mentioned in this entry in my Grimoire. Don’t forget to mention who you are! I like to know who to light a candle for (or on top of whom, I mean).

4.- If we are meeting, buy me a book or a postcard. I love either of those!

5.- Send me a loving message after our date. I have a heart too, even if it’s a dark and twisted one.

6.- Reach out to me if you want to sponsor one of my many, many scholar goals.

Give Me More

1.- Subscribe to my OnlyFans and AVNStars

2.- Call me on NiteFlirt or SextPanther

3.- Tip me

Booking Form

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