What to gift to the wicked witch

What to gift to the wicked witch

Hello, curiouser.

You’re here either because you want me to recognize your presence or merely because you wish to be in my good graces. Smart move, darling. Here are a few ideas that will make me smile even if I haven’t been spanking you lately. Click on the name of the store and it will redirect you (very conveniently, mind you) to the gift card purchase page. Also, the order of appearance indicates the order of preference.



Killstar – One of my favourite goth brands. They have footwear I adore, enough cynical socks to keep my dark heart warm and fuzzy and the occasional pin-up dress to grace my curves.

Ted Baker – I love their dresses and their wool coats, they fit my figure quite amazingly.

Vivienne Westwood – The punk queen of my couture heart.

A Child of the Jago – They have amazing punk-inspired suits and dresses that honestly, I can’t wait to wear.

Pin-Up Girl Clothing – Not only do they carry lovely pencil skirts, but they actually have a collection based off Horror Femme Fatales that I can’t wait to wear.

Skinny Dip – Fun accessories and cute t-shirts, just if I’m feeling casual

Claudie Pierlot – I love their whimsical style and some of their prints, too.



Videnoir – They create the dark pieces meant to frame my Morticia-like hourglass curves.

Playful Promises – I can always find something I love here, and they are an awesome brand to support too.

FigLeaves – They carry Dita Von Teese’s lingerie range. Need I say more?

Harlow and Fox – Dedicated to making us curvaceous ladies feel like we’re covered in gold.



Vinnoir – They don’t have gift cards strictly, but I’ll be happy to wear anything you order from this artist.

Torture Garden – Very sleek designs that are right up my alley

Libidex – Classic and full of very useful basics.



Treadwell Books – My favourite occult shop in London. You might even find me rummaging through their older books sometimes.



Bondara – They have almost anything I might want or need. Want to sponsor my initiation to electro play? Perhaps you want to get me some new torture tools? Gift away.

Geeky Sex Toys – What can I say. I’m still a nerd at heart. And they have a R.I.P. silicone paddle.



GiftRocket – There are a number of businesses that accept Gift Rockets, including What Katie Did (favourite lingerie shop of mine), lots of spas (which I can’t live without) and a fair amount of restaurants. If you want to gift me a new experience, this is a nice way to do so.

Etsy – I could order from amazing indie creators such as Askasu, indulge in posh art materials or get me a handmade athame.

Amazon – Although I try my best not to make Bezos any richer, this is a very convenient way to shop for school/art supplies and other goods.





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